Our site crew are well trained and extremely skilled professionals who will measure every corner accessible of your existing building, using most advanced measuring technology (Laser technology combined with Mobile CAD system), insuring not only fast and high accuracy floor plans, but also silent and non-disruption process for your clients. Our finished floor plans are detailed, accurate, and to scale.

As LASER MEASURED, your floor plan will reflect the actual and current condition of the space at the time of measurement.

Why as-built service?
How we can help you

As-Built floor plans, (post construction stage) are plans generated from field measurement are highly accurate and preferred over the pre construction design floor plans because it reflects the actual condition of the space or the building at the time of measuring and not at the time of design stage.

The intention of these plans is to document any deviations or changes from the architect’s original design. As-built drawings serve to create an up to date documentation of the interior layout of a building or a space, which may have changed over the years (tenant improvements)

Service Locations
Where we provide our services

Our industry-leading building measurement service is available in the following locations. Call us today for a quote As-built Services Nationwide


All Cities including: Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver

North America

All cities including:

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, Jacksonville, Washington, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Dallas, San Diego, San Antonio, Tampa, San Jose, Orlando, Denver , Boston, Austin, Detroit, Ohio, Atlanta, Newark, Trenton, Hampton, Manassas, Virginia, Cambridge, Baltimore, Columbus, Las Vegas, Nevada, Jersey City, Nashville, Memphis, Columbia, Madison, Buffalo

If your city, state or country is not in the list, please contact us, we still able to provide service to your city (upon agent availability).

Measure existing buildings, lease spaces to BOMA/SIOR standards

Using Laser technology and a mobile CAD drafting system.

As-Built Elevations & Sections

With our advanced state of the art Laser technology we would measure your building.

Drafting service, Cad file creation, Hard copy to digital file

Drafting service, CAD file creation, hard copy to digital file.

3D Rendering and Walk Through Camera

Our 3D modeling and rendering service converts your 2D drawings into a high quality images or animations.

3D Laser scanning service

Creating a “point-cloud”, which can be used to generate a 3D CAD model.

Drone, aerial photos

This service is coming soon.

Site Plans Rendering

We could convert your hand sketched design into a CAD file, then convert the CAD file into an attractive marketable high-resolution image.

Color Coded Floor Plans

Color coded (color rendering) floor plans are useful for marketing and presentation purposes.