About Us

We Measure buildings with Style

We are an architectural services company specializing in measuring existing buildings using Laser Technology and computer-generated as-built floor plans to BOMA 1996 Z65.1, BOMA 2010, BOMA 2017 and BOMA industrial buildings standard methods of measurement ANSI BOMA Z65.2-2012 and BOMA Retail standard methods of measurement 2010 or to a specific lease agreement provided by the client. Internationally we could utilize IPMS 2014 Standards (International Property Measurement Standards).

We measure and produce as-built drawings for all types of buildings including but not limited to : Industrial, commercial, retail, medical and residential buildings; from a single unit, several units, to an entire building.

We provide cost-effective services for property owners, managers, facility managers, real estate and lease professionals, architects, space planners and interior designers, or any company which would like to verify their lease space size.

We provide the most accurate as-built, measured building surveys, interior building survey & floor plans services to BOMA, SIOR, IPMS standards or to any building measuring standards, backed with the most advanced LASER building measurement technology.